Slow Burn Suicide

by Eternal Black

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"On tracks like the post-intro opener 'Lost in the Fade' and the rolling 'The Ghost,' they tap into this omnidirectional aggression, and even as 'Sum of All Your Fears' hits into a chorus ripe for comparison to Deliverance-style C.O.C. ...the band maintain their downtrodden atmosphere instrumentally and lyrically, taking what they want from the past and making it their own." -- The Obelisk

"Slow Burn Suicide is a testament to old school doom and the mighty power that it delivers. If you dig Saint Vitus, Orange Goblin, or the like, you definitely need to check out Eternal Black. They are worthy carriers of the torch for all things Doom."
-- Outlaws of the Sun


released June 13, 2019

Ken Wohlrob: Guitars, Vocals
Joe Wood: Drums
Hal Miller: Bass

Produced and mixed by Joe Kelly and Kol Marshall
Recorded at Suburban Elvis Studios, Fall 2018
Mastered by Tony Reed, March 2019
Words and Music by Ken Wohlrob
Background vocals and piano on “Three Fates” by Kol Marshall
Cover photos by Matt McAlpin
Design by Ritual Design
© 2019 Eternal Black / Obsidian Sky Records


all rights reserved



Eternal Black Brooklyn, New York

Eternal Black is a doom band based out of Brooklyn, NY. Steeped in the American doom tradition of Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, and EyeHateGod, Eternal Black’s music is full of heavy and bluesy riffs, Bonham-esque drums, and rumbling low-end. ... more


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Track Name: Lost in the Fade
Black blood and a bag of bones
He walks through a thousand years
Crooked jaw and demon’s eye
These rags were once a man
Shouts out “The worms await!”
Spits back as ravens sing

Drift away
Souls decay
Drift away
Lost in the Fade

Braces for the call of tomorrow
As the lost are dragged away
Halos always lose their luster
When you crawl through the bile
Back breaks under the weight
Spits blood as the ravens sing

Drift away
Souls decay
Drift away
Lost in the Fade

He drops down between the planes
Been slicing him all these years
Dead skin flies away
Long faces of all he’s been
Still hoping to see the gates
Stumbling to a fool’s grave

Drift away
Souls decay
Lost in the Fade
Track Name: Below
How low have I sunk?
Never dig deep enough
Down here it’s all bone dust
Souls at zero
Her beauty haunts my days
Can’t cross that abyss
Screamed baby please don’t go
Words gone adrift

A hell within myself
Old saints of decay
Torn nails scrape away
Still I sink deeper
Like a gash that never bleeds
Rivers run dry
Stab the sun before it flees
Skin the moon of its lies

Seasons below
Seasons below
Track Name: The Ghost
Dead man’s hand
Damned fool’s fate
Dead man’s head
Eyes gone gray
Dead man’s skin
Winding sheet
Dead man’s heart
Hangs on a nail

Drift of days
Beyond the veil
On that nail
Heart still beats
Track Name: Sum of All Fears
Lay down your hollow bones
On that bed of nails
If you claw out your eyes
Never see the crimes
Dig another hole
Wash the blood away

Snake devours itself
Dance for your plagues
Choking on the cure
Sum of all your fears

Can’t hide from the other
Can’t hide from the enemy
Can’t hide from ourselves
Crouching in the weeds
Beast of man comes knockin’
How good’s your aim?

Isolated, desiccated
The husk remains
Love of the living dead
Sum of all your fears

The knot twists and turns
Air grows thin
Madness reigns
The end’s the same
Track Name: A Desert of No Name
Adrift in the wastes
Hole in the sky
Falling fragments of mine
Lashed to the stone
I’ll never lift
Grains pierce the skin

My war
Trapped in mind
Old man laughs every time
Skeleton tree
With arms to the sky
The sands wash over me

Wreck of mine
A nowhere place
All ground down
Without a trace
Track Name: Sinners, Saints, and Madmen
Stones mark the way
All who fell passed through here
Sinners, saints and madmen
Soil soaked up the blood
Trees stand like titans
Sweep away shallow things

Cold, cold world
Hear the dogs sniffing ‘round
Sinners, saints and madmen
That slow burn suicide
Return from whence you came
To the smoke and the sea
Across the mirror of water
Reflections of low days

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